We repair all damaged surfaces.

  • Split Seams
  • Erosion
  • Tree Looping
  • Tree Roots


Split Seams

Because of the product and process Kindyscape uses this does not happen but the earlier that these are repaired the better the outcome. As in most cases of this the entire seam will have to be reglued.


If the grass has moved or shrank the void will then have to be filled with grass that will not colour match.





These may include wear, subsidence, erosion and tree roots. The area has to be cut out, the obstruction removed or fixed and filled with Wetpour rubber. A bright contrasting colour is usually used as to appear to be purposed. 





Once again the correct installation will prevent this from occurring. This comes from water concentrating in one area washing away the base causing a cavity. Simply filling this cavity is not enough the cause of the high concentration of water has to be addressed. Some further drainage issues may need to be addressed.




Tree Lopping

When tree loppers arrive ensure they lay suitable timber ply under tree to prevent branches piercing the product.




Tree Roots

The biggest problem of them all. These grow under the product in search of water.


Using the correct installation technique developed by Kindyscape these can be substantially reduced.


If they appear they must be removed ASAP to avoid damage to the product and to the safety of others.